Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I don't attend TVUUC and have no connection to the church or other causes linked below. I do have several friends who are members of TVUUC. I have been struggling with a way to show my support.

The violent events on July 27th's are inexplicable. No doubt, they will have lifelong ramifications for the each of the victims, attendees, church members and their loved ones. I also find it extremely troubling that the Church was targeted because of the causes it supports.

Whether or not you support all of the causes TVUUC supports, it is undeniable that TVUUC is home to a number of people that are actively trying to make Knoxville and the world at large a better place. Their causes are sometimes controversial, but always rooted in love and generosity. I respect that effort and appreciate the perspective that TVUUC brings to Knoxville. I also very much admire TVUUC's efforts to help the unfortunate and under-appreciated.

I may not agree with all of TVUUC's beliefs, but I respect the members of TVUUC just as I respect anyone who is motivated by sincerely held beliefs to make the world a better place. In order to show my support, and in an effort to convey that the vast majority of Knoxvillians appreciate TVUUC's generosity toward the community, I am going to make a donation to each of the following causes which are mentioned on TVUUC's web page:

Tennessee Chapter of the ACLU
Alliance for a Better Tomorrow
Knoxville Interfaith Network
Sierra Club
Remote Area Medical
Volunteers Ministry Center

I will mention to the organizations that my donation is meant to show my support for TVUUC after this terrible event. I will also be making a donation directly to TVUUC.

I have created this blog as a tool for those who also wish to show their support to TVUUC. If you are so inclined, make a donation (even a small one) to one or more of these charitable causes and let them know that your donation is mean to be a symbol of your support for TVUUC.

P.S. To any TVUUC officer: I could not find appropriate links to some of the organizations mentioned on your web page. If you can point me to additional links, I'll be happy to include them in an update.

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Responsible_Man said...

Kudoas to you for taking this on. It is nice to see people who are not connected to the church taking a stand against hate, violence, and oppression. Thank you!